2002, 141st year.  Visited Regency Manor January 13th. Target interests for Carter's Chapel this year include: fellowship addition, increase membership, more youth activities, new lettering on bulletin board, repair, reseal parking lot. United Methodist Mission truck was in the area. At least one church member passed away in January.  And will be sadly missed.   


New church annuals were available for three dollars and

fifty cents. Pancake and waffle breakfast was

February 10th, afterward Youth celebrated

Valentine Day. Bell Choir practiced March 3rd;

also 10th. Bulletin quote, please pray for 10 people

prior to Easter! Visited Regency Manor that afternoon.

Bell Choir practiced March 17th. Six Youth were

welcomed as full members on Palm Sunday.

Bell Choir practiced after morning worship the 24th.

Good Friday service was at 7:00 March 29th.

Easter Egg Hunt was Saturday afternoon. March 31st

Easter schedule: Resurrection service 7:00 AM,

breakfast 8:15 AM, Sunday School 9:45 AM, Easter

program 10:40 AM, morning worship 11:10 AM. 70

People attended at least one Easter services; many

all three.  


Special charge conference was conducted at Carter's Chapel for Fellowship building construction; dinner following business. Sunday morning, April 21st a Gideon representative spoke to the congregation. April 28th bulletin said to share your life through prayer and Bible study ... witness and ministry.  Serve where you see needs in our world!  


May 5th was Soil and Water Stewardship Sunday. Bell Choir practiced May 12th. There was a visit to Regency Manor on Mother's Day. By the 19th of the month three new church road signs were placed; decision to purchase additional Carter's Chapel signs. Also new door locks have been installed on the church building. Offering June 2nd went into the building fund in conjunction with the Ceremonial Groundbreaking at 2:00 PM that day. About four thousand dollars was collected in addition to a nearly matching amount previously collected.   


Additional sum was received toward the building fund in mid June. Soloist Parsons sang for worship service on Sunday, June 23rd. Adult Sunday School Class did the first of thirty discipleship exercises from the Billy Graham Bible Study. June 30th was a Fifth Sunday; SS offering went to the Methodist Home. That day also marked the beginning of a new conference year. 


Fun, food and fellowship; VBS July 8th through 12th with closing activities on July 14th. Average attendance was 53 for the five sessions (Adult Bible study was included in this year's Vacation Bible School).  At least one death was recorded in the congregation in July. Work began on the new building July 23rd.  Average attendance at VBS was 53; closing activities 65. August 11th, a new Youth ministry officially began. Pastor met with DS August 13th. August 25th was Carter's Chapel Charge Conference; Keith Switzer presiding. Sunday, September 8th was the 911 anniversary memorial service.   


New baby arrived in the Carter's Chapel congregation on September 10th. . Bell Choir practiced September 22nd. Delivery date for metal building parts was September 27th. Four good men needed to unload truck. Cemetery care officers reviewed and updated pricing policy for burial plots. Forgiven Trio from Cincinnati, also soloists Parsons, Martin, Epperson and, Bell Choir all provided music for Homecoming; Rev. Epperson was the featured morning speaker. Concrete work has been finished on the new building and part of the walls are up.  


Children's church is a brief lesson at the beginning of the worship service.  5th Sunday offering was taken October 6th.  Bell Choir practiced. The 20th was Laity Sunday; Mr. Shotwell led the service. Professional sports caps for children of the Methodist Home were collected. Bell Choir practiced then and also the 27th. There was a Halloween program. Community Thanksgiving service at Gardnersville Baptist was also that date.  


On Sunday, November 3rd (or 10th) five members were added to the congregation; two full members; three preparatory. Quite a few friends and family swelled the congregation to share in the event. Bell Choir practiced November 10th and 17th. The 24th was Youth Sunday; teddy bears were collected for the Methodist Home. Bell Choir practiced. There were at least two deaths in early November.  


The siding has been put on the new building; ready for the roof, weather permitting. On December 1st, congregation collected money to buy Christmas items for a family who lost home and most of contents during a recent Gallatin County storm. Bell Choir practiced; played at Wilmington Baptist that day; for Independence Walk the 6th; St. Patrick, December 7th. The 8th was Women In Ministry Sunday; Christmas cards were given to the youth at Carter's Chapel to be sorted. Bell Choir practiced; played at Hickory Grove Baptist Church on the 8th.  

     Mr. Penick delivered items for the Methodist Home the 9th. Open hearts, open doors ... people of the United Methodist Church TV ads began to air December 11th. Christmas cards were passed out by Carter's Chapel Youth the evening of December 14th. Bell Choir practiced the 15th; played at Gardnersville Baptist that evening.   


The Saturday before Christmas the roof and exterior of the new building was completed; except for part of the trim work.   


Carter's Chapel Christmas Program was Sunday evening December 22nd; white, twin sheet sets were collected for the Methodist Home.  There was a gift exchange, eight to ten dollar price range; meat and cheese tray were provided, people attending brought vegetables, salads or desserts.  Year end reports were completed at the close of the December 29th Sunday morning service.


2003, 142nd year.  There were at least two deaths in late January and early February. Sunday, February 9th there was a Valentine pancake breakfast. Because of snow and ice storms church services were canceled on February 16th and 23rd. March 2nd communion; these services were first Sundays of every month. Compassion Quartet from Georgetown provided gospel music for the morning worship March 16th; a fellowship lunch followed the service; Bell Choir practiced after that. March 23rd bulletin: "Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven... Matthew 18:18." Bell Choir practiced. March 30th was a Fifth Sunday; SS offering was earmarked for the Methodist Home. 














A Gideons International representative spoke at Carter's Chapel April 6th; open Bible offering was taken following the benediction. Bell Choir practiced  that day, well as April 13th.  Easter Egg Hunt was Saturday, April 19th. April 20th began with  Resurrection Service followed by Easter breakfast, Sunday School, Easter program, morning worship. Bell Choir presented a  program at Regency Manor. Trim has been added to the new building.  Steps for the back door were in progress, painting of the outside walls was and                             electrical work were also in process.  


 There was an open house reception at Carter's Chapel June 8th in honor of one of the young people. Father's Day was June 15th. June 29th was a Fifth Sunday; SS offering went to the Methodist Children's Home in Versailles. That date marked the beginning of Rev. and Mrs. Clos 35th year in ministry as pastoral family at Carter's Chapel.  


     July 6th bulletin pointed out, "The last 2 words in American, I can."  VBS was the week of July 7th and the new building was far enough along that it could be utilized, although the ramp wasn't quite done and it did not yet have air conditioning. July 26th was the second annual church rummage sale. Regency Manor was visited Sunday, August 10th. Charge Conference was August 24th, DS Reffett presiding; fellowship dinner followed. The following singers: Melissa Martin, Penny Thomas and her daughter Sarah; Ashley Parsons provided special music September 14th. Bulletin quote, faith doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it.  


     Carter's Chapel Homecoming was September 28th. Special music was provided by The Forgiven Trio, soloist Ashley Parsons, also the County Line Ramblers. Ms. Riles-Smith spoke at Carter's Chapel on September 7th. 


     Rev. Finley Isaacs, pastor of Morning View UMC was available for pastoral care during the pastor's absence. Willimington Baptist Church, Fiskburg donated a new organ for Carter's Chapel sanctuary which came from their parsonage. Carter's Chapel was the Church of the Week in the KY Post. Regency Manor was visited. October 12th through 18th was designated Marriage Protection week. Mr. Epperson delivered collected items to the Methodist Home. Bell Choir practiced October 26th. Halloween party was also on that date.  Carter's Chapel was one of the ten congregations selected (invited) to lead the Covington District in implementing Bishop King's plan of growth for KY United Methodist congregations; group met with him at Asbury UMC Wednesday, October 29th.  


      Bell Choir practiced November 9th. On November 16th baseball caps were collected for the Methodist Home. Bell Choir practiced.  On November 23rd teddy bears were collected for the children of the Methodist Home. Bell Choir practiced. Community Thanksgiving Service was November 26th; Carter's Chapel was the host church this year, providing cookies, cakes, cheese balls, pop; refreshments. On November 30th white twin sheet sets were collected for the Methodist Home; since it was a the Fifth Sunday, SS offering also went to that organization. Bell Choir practiced.   


     Bell Choir played for Independence Walk December 5th; St. Patrick Church December 6th.  Bell Choir practiced December 7th, played for Wilmington Baptist that same date.  Bell Choir played at Brooksville UMC December 14th.  Christmas at Carter's Chapel was in the evening of December 21st. Gift exchange price range: ten to fifteen dollars.


2004, 143rd year.  2nd Phase of the new building's electrical inspection now complete. Blackwood Legacy Singers provided gospel music Sunday, January 11th. Bell Choir practiced January 18th. Mountain Mission truck picked up used items donated to the Eastern KY Missions program. Bell Choir practiced January 25th.   


There was a Valentine pancake breakfast the 8th;

Youth Valentine program was during the Sunday

School hour. Bell Choir practiced. Regency Manor

was visited. Bell Choir practiced February 22nd and

played for Oak Ridge Baptist evening service.

February 26th the PPR committee met with DS at

Taylor Mill UMC. Since February had five Sundays only

every twenty-eight years a certificate of attendance

would later be presented to everyone attending

worship services all five Sundays.   


There were coffee and doughnuts for breakfast before

Sunday School March 7th. Bell Choir practiced. There was a visit to Regency Manor Sunday, March 14th. The Errett Family Singers were at the 11:00 AM service Sunday, March 21st. Bell Choir practiced March 28th.   


There were coffee and doughnuts for breakfast before Sunday School on April 4th. The Easter Egg Hunt was Saturday, April 10th.  Easter services included Resurrection service, breakfast, Sunday School, Easter program, morning worship. Bulletin message: May you have faith on your troubled day an hope that lasts until all shadows fade away... There was a visit to Regency Manor April 11th. Gideon Representative Marksberry was the speaker April 18th; open Bible offering for that organization received at the close of the service. April 25th was Soil Conservation Sunday. Compassion Quartet from Georgetown provided music for Carter's Chapel; fellowship lunch followed service.   


There were coffee and doughnuts for breakfast before Sunday School May 2nd. Food pantry items for NKU Wesley were received. Everyone you meet is on God's most wanted list... quote from the May 9th bulletin.  Dallas Epperson sang at Carter's Chapel on Mother's Day.  There was a visit to Regency Manor on Mother's Day. Mr. Shotwell was the speaker on May 23rd. There were coffee and doughnuts for breakfast before Sunday School June 6th. Mr. Shotwell was in charge of morning worship. One church family suffered loss of their home due to fire; collection taken up to help them. On June 13th one of the ten timeless values emphasized by the Disciple Line team was Holy Scripture in daily life.   


VBS was the week of July 5th.  Mission project collect personal items for the children at the Methodist Home; goal -- more items than one vehicle can deliver to that home.  VBS closing activities were Sunday evening, July 11th.  


    On August 8th, one person was baptized, then two became members, one by transfer, the other by profession of faith. Regency Manor was visited. United Mountain Mission truck was in the area in mid August. Sunday, August 22nd was Charge Conference preparation. One longtime member of Carter's Chapel recently passed away.  And will be sadly missed. August 29th's Sunday School offering was earmarked for the children at the Methodist Home. Treasurer's report closed at the end of the month for Charge Conference Audit activities. 


     Sunday September 5th there was coffee and doughnuts before the Sunday School hour. Bell Choir practiced on September 12th. There was a visit to Regency Manor that same Sunday.  Forgiven Trio, well as soloists Ms. Parsons and Ms. Martin, provided special music for Carter's Chapel Homecoming on September 26th.  

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